Winning strategies 
in and out of the courtroom

Described by Crain’s as a “litigation powerhouse,” Proskauer’s litigators are trial lawyers first and foremost and have extensive experience handling complex “bet the company” cases. We represent clients in their most challenging matters, address novel critical issues, and have a strong track record of success – so much so, that we are often retained on the eve of trial.  

Built upon decades of training, experience and intense preparation, our litigators have developed sound judgment – a sort of muscle memory – that allows them to think on their feet and effectively navigate fluid developments in the courtroom. We also have significant prosecutorial and regulatory agency experience, offering clients an inside look into the workings of government agencies.

We have been involved in a number of significant litigations and arbitrations that have set key legal precedents across various industries.

Proskauer’s ability to translate complexity into clear action and results has afforded us a formidable courtroom reputation, and connection and credibility with judges, jurors and opposing counsel.

We think big and win big.

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