Transforming relationships

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Our Labor Management Relations Group, with its distinguished history of representing industry leading organizations in the private, not-for-profit and public spheres since the early 20th century, is in the singular position to leverage our long and unique history to solve complex traditional labor problems and help clients find practical, business solutions to their labor issues.

As a leading group of labor relations practitioners in the world, we excel at all aspects of the labor-management relationship. For employers with partially unionized or non-union workforces, we are there to advise on preventative labor relations and the potential for union organizing from onset to secret ballot election and beyond.

Our practice includes all aspects of the union-employer relationship, from advising employers in union election campaigns to conducting collective bargaining negotiations, and handling grievances, arbitrations, labor board proceedings and other matters that arise in the course of contract administration.

At our core, we are negotiators taking the lead in negotiations, drafting contract language and providing all necessary support to help our clients reach their goals, whether it's a routine contract renewal or a complicated, sensitive and high-profile matter.

We also regularly litigate the full range of labor-management issues that arise both in public forums, including the National Labor Relations Board and federal and state courts, and private labor arbitration for contract disputes.

Our legal prowess and understanding of both the management and labor positions, and the respect we have earned on both sides as a result, has given us the reputation in the business and labor community necessary to achieve the results our clients need.

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