Competing for the future, today

The modern economy has turned businesses in every industry into “technology companies.” That technological transformation is receiving a magnified spotlight from regulators and litigants in the U.S., UK, and around the world. 

To support clients adapting to the rapidly evolving antitrust and regulatory issues, we have assembled an inter-disciplinary Antitrust Tech Task Force who can advise on all aspects of the litigation, regulatory, and transactional landscape. We leverage our deep experience in technology, e-commerce, antitrust, M&A, privacy, tax and other areas to address the challenges and intersections of the digital and technologically developing world.

Our Antitrust Tech Task Force combines expertise in both antitrust and technology law, bringing a unique offering to clients in all industries. We can help guide companies in their most complex business practices, including transactions, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as in difficult-to-solve business problems and disputes, from boycott claims to refusals to deal, bundling, price discrimination, and other antitrust compliance, counseling, and litigation issues.

We have a well-earned reputation for bringing significant antitrust cases to trial and taking a bold, holistic approach - whether in litigation or interfacing with agencies on sensitive transactions. We serve as trusted advisers and work collaboratively with our clients to navigate emerging, technology-driven antitrust challenges.

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