Sarah M. Cork, Ph.D.

Dr. Sarah M. Cork is an Associate in the Litigation Department and the Life Sciences Group in Proskauer’s Los Angeles office.

Her practice focuses on patent litigation in the life sciences sector, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical, medical device, Hatch-Waxman, and BPCIA matters.  She has represented both patentees and patent challengers in district courts and at the Federal Circuit.  Leveraging her extensive scientific training, Dr. Cork understands her clients’ technology at a deep level.  She has significant experience with day-to-day case management, motion practice, pre-suit diligence, fact discovery, preparation of expert reports, taking and defending depositions, and arguing discovery matters in court.  Before joining Proskauer, she was an associate at Fish & Richardson P.C.

Prior to her legal career, Dr. Cork conducted research on neurological development and disorders.  Her graduate thesis work characterized novel therapeutics for aggressive brain tumors.  

At Michigan Law, she worked in the Pediatric Advocacy Clinic to obtain favorable IEP and child support arrangements on behalf of children with health concerns. She also served as an intern in the chambers of the Hon. Anthony Porcelli (M.D. Fla.).

Selected Publications

SM Cork et al., A proprotein convertase/MMP-14 proteolytic cascade releases a novel 40 kDa vasculostatin from tumor suppressor BAI1, 31 Oncogene 5144 (2012)

SM Cork & EG van Meir, Emerging roles for the BAI1 protein family in the regulation of phagocytosis, synaptogenesis, neurovasculature, and tumor development, 89 J. Mol. Med. 743 (2011)

B Kaur, SM Cork et al., Vasculostatin inhibits intracranial glioma growth and negatively regulates in vivo angiogenesis through a CD36-dependent mechanism, 69 Cancer Res. 1212 (2009)