Gillian Egan

As an associate in the Labor & Employment Law Department, Gillian's practice focuses on assisting employers in a variety of employment matters, including employment discrimination, occupational health and safety, wage and hour, employee relations and other legal matters that touch on employment. She offers counseling and advice, handles litigation and navigates interactions with federal and state agencies. Though she specializes in employment matters, Gillian is also well-versed in a wide range of defense matters, representing financial institutions' interests in litigation and arbitration, general insurance defense and other matters.

Drawing on her experience as a former human resources manager, Gillian has counseled employers on the development of employment policies and procedures, employee training plans and OSHA inspection assistance and response, in addition to other general employment advice.

In addition to her extensive legal experience, Gillian has authored numerous articles and newsletters on myriad topics, including “Unreasonable Requirements for Reasonable Enforcement: ‘Congruence and Proportionality’ After Coleman v. Maryland Court of Appeal,” Cumberland Law Review, Vol 43, 2012; “¡Cuidado! Danger Ahead! The Heeding Presumption and the Duty to Warn in Spanish,” Co-author with Ricardo Woods, DRI Diversity Insider, Spring 2013; “Employers – Check Your Weight-Bias; Obesity, Disability, and the Broadened Coverage of the ADAAA,” The ADLA Journal, January 2014; “Employment Law Update after Burwell v. Hobby Lobby,” Today’s Medical Developments, November/December 2014; “Mandatory Arbitration Agreements, and Common Threats to Their Validity,” Terra-Lex Connections, September 2016.