During times of crisis, the Red Cross addresses the basic needs of food and shelter and usually much more. We see their volunteers and staff lending aid during devastating fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and weather-related events on a regular basis. The Red Cross engages volunteers who speak the same language as those they are serving. They understand the importance of trust and proper communication to effectively convey their message and reach the diverse populations they are serving. In addition to assisting with disaster relief, the Red Cross works within our low-income and vulnerable communities throughout the year. For example, through their initiative, Prepare LA, they install smoke alarms and educate the residents of these communities on escape plans if fire comes too close to their homes. Over the past 18 months, a significant part of Prepare LA has been COVID-related education followed by mobile vaccination units.

An additional service area is the expansive global assistance network the Red Cross provides for our Armed Forces. Through their network, the Red Cross assists military members and their families around the world in a variety of ways ranging from emergency situations, to transportation, medical assistance, and even career guidance & training. Proskauer places a strong emphasis on Veteran Affairs through our pro bono, career mentoring, guidance and corporate social responsibility efforts, and has chosen this Red Cross service area as one of our primary support channels.

We are proud to partner with The American Red Cross and to expand opportunities to support our communities through our new workplace giving program.

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