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Investment Opportunities in the UK Real Estate Market


March 22, 2017

In this video, Jo Owen, a partner in the firm’s Private Equity Real Estate and Lodging & Gaming Groups, discusses why the UK is an attractive destination for investors seeking to acquire real estate assets.

Jo Owen: Investment Opportunities in the UK Real Estate Market 

Jo Owen: You can't be an international investor without having coverage in England. You've got numerous ways in which you can work a portfolio based around investments in London and the regions. It’s a very deep market.

From having done many transactions, both within the UK and cross-border in Europe and beyond, the ease of affecting and transacting in England is second to none. But there are other things; there are strong fundamentals, demand, occupier needs, a rule of law, the simplicity of doing transactions, access to finance, access to capital and skilled advisors. These are all critical for transactional activity.

You need to establish a vehicle. You need to think about your tax, your structuring, how your capital is going to flow in and out. A sophisticated investor isn’t going to shy away from getting their hands dirty working through the opportunities. If international investors are willing to put the time into assessing these real estate opportunities, then this is the right time for them to invest in the UK.

At Proskauer, our team advises clients at every stage of the lifecycle of real estate investments. We provide strategic advice and partner with our clients to develop innovative structures to accomplish successful transactions and investments that meet their business objectives.

For information on opportunities in the UK residential market, please read, “A Revolution in UK Housing? What the UK Government White Paper Means for Investors.”