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Eric Blinderman is International Litigation Counsel for Proskauer. In that capacity, Eric handles a variety of matters including, but not limited to, Foreign Corrupt Practice Act matters and extradition disputes. He handles matters before the International Criminal Court and other ad-hoc tribunals, complex international commercial arbitrations subject to a variety of arbitral rules, and represents sovereign states before the International Court of Justice and other international bodies. 

Eric served from March of 2004 until December of 2006 in Iraq, first as an Associate General Counsel of the Coalition Provisional Authority and later as Chief Legal Counsel and Associate Deputy to the Regime Crimes Liaison’s Office.

During his time in Iraq, Eric advised senior members of the United States, Coalition, and Iraqi governments on matters of public international law, commercial law reform, and international criminal law. He worked principally with the Iraqi High Tribunal as it tried members of the former regime (including Saddam Hussein) for atrocities committed against the Iraqi people. In May of 2007, the Department of Justice presented Eric a Special Commendation Award for his service in Iraq.

Eric has authored multiple articles on international law. He is frequently called upon to lecture about his experiences at law schools and to comment on international affairs in various media outlets including the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the NY Law Journal, the ABA Journal, PBS, C-SPAN, CNN, and Fox News.

In addition, he worked at the United Nations Development Program, the Preparatory Commission for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, and the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy.  He is also the founder and owner of two critically acclaimed restaurants, Mas (farmhouse) and Mas (la grillade), which are located in New York City.