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Our Commitment to Pro Bono

We are thrilled to share with you our Pro Bono Video which emphasizes our motto of "Doing Well, by Doing Good" and highlights our deeply-rooted commitment to the Pro Bono Initiative and provision of legal services to the disadvantaged and the poor. We are proud to recognize the phenomenal efforts and commitment of our colleagues who contribute their time and talents to organizations and individuals in need of legal assistance. We look forward to sharing more of these projects and experiences with you as the firm continues to serve the needs of our clients and our communities around the world.  

"Our commitment to pro bono is part of the DNA of the Firm. Ultimately we became lawyers because values like justice and equality and fairness mattered to us, and the defense of the individual mattered to us, and it really is an opportunity for us to bring those abstract principles into the real lives of real people."
Joseph M. Leccese
Chairman of the Firm
"I think that [pro bono] is the test of a great firm – to demonstrate that we can be an outstanding corporation, outstanding business, but also a very responsible member of our profession."
Scott Harshbarger
Chair, Pro Bono Initiative Committee
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  Other Recent Highlights


Proskauer Awards Golden Gavel Honors for Pro Bono Work

The Proskauer Pro Bono Initiative Committee hosted its seventh annual Golden Gavel Awards honoring 57 lawyers and members of staff across the firm’s global offices for their extraordinary pro bono commitment and public service in 2013. 

Social Security Card 

Court Restores Social Security Benefits for Thousands; Victims May Recover $1 Billion in Benefits

As many as 140,000 Americans nationwide will get their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits restored as a result of an order issued by Judge Sidney H. Stein in a federal court in Manhattan on April 13, 2012. The benefits in question date back to October 2006 and may total $1 billion.

Locked Keyboard 

Proskauer & ACLU Pro Bono Victory Sets Precedent for Massachusetts Privacy Law

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled in favor of Proskauer pro bono client, Keith Amato, holding that the state crime lab's retention of his DNA sample – beyond the limitations promised to him by the police when they took the voluntary sample – state a claim for invasion of privacy, and for violation of the state's Fair Information Practices Act.

Prison Wires 

Proskauer Pro Bono Victory in U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Fair Sentencing Act

Proskauer won an important victory before the U.S. Supreme Court in a ruling today that the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 (FSA), which reduced the disparity in federal sentencing between crack and powder cocaine offenses, applies to defendants who were sentenced after its passage even though their offenses pre-dated the law.

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