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Proskauer Honors Outstanding Pro Bono Work at 9th Annual Golden Gavels

November 15, 2016 (NEW YORK) – On November 15, Proskauer honored its lawyers and staff who have made significant pro bono contributions this year at its ninth annual Golden Gavel Awards ceremony. Lawyers and staff from offices across the United States participated in the event.

This year’s awards honored 34 recipients across five different client teams for their outstanding pro bono efforts during the past year. The pro bono efforts that were recognized included securing disability benefits, housing and employment for homeless and poor veterans; serving as co-counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union in a successful effort to make gender-affirming identification for transgender people in Michigan more accessible; and representing several Boys & Girls Clubs in Los Angeles in their consolidation with other LA-area Boys & Girls Clubs, enabling them to better serve the needs of local children. More than one hundred lawyers were recognized on the Honor Roll for performing more than 50 hours of pro bono services in the past year.

The ceremony closed with a performance by the nonprofit theater company and Proskauer pro bono client Girl Be Heard, which encourages and empowers young women to tell their stories and to be leaders in their communities.

Throughout Proskauer’s history, its lawyers have dedicated themselves to improving their communities and providing assistance to people in need. Lawyers at every level of experience in each office and practice group make a difference by contributing their talents to providing pro bono legal services.

The following is the complete list of Golden Gavel Award team winners, alphabetically by office:

  • Chicago: Jacki Anderson (Litigation), Michael Derksen (Litigation), Rachel Foster, Steven Gilford (Litigation)
  • Los Angeles: Courtney Bowman (Litigation), Sally Bradley (Corporate), Olga Golinder, Colleen Hart (Tax), Patty Hays, Anne Kim (Tax), Casey McDonald (Corporate), Amy Richardson, Jennifer Roche (Litigation), Jessica Sabbah-Mani (Corporate), Rochelle Schultz (Litigation), Monica Shilling (Corporate), David Stoops (Corporate), Michael Su, Eddie Thiele (Corporate), Lois Thompson (Litigation), Van Whiting (Corporate), Christopher Wu (Corporate)
  • New York: Martine Seiden Agatston (Tax), Stephen Ahron (Litigation), Larissa Boz (Labor & Employment), Adam Deitch (Litigation), David Heck (Litigation), Russell Hirschhorn (Labor & Employment), Jinyoung Joo (Corporate), Bowon Koh (Tax), Julia Michael (Health Care), David Mordkoff (Litigation), Lindsey Olson (Litigation)
  • Newark: Joseph O’Keefe (Labor & Employment)

The following is the complete list of Honor Roll recipients, alphabetically by office:

  • Boca Raton: John DeStefano (Private Client Services), Jonathan Galler (Litigation), Jessica Greenburg (Litigation), David Pratt (Private Client Services)
  • Boston: James Anderson (Litigation), S. James Boumil (Litigation), Jason Colangelo (Litigation), Brendan Cox (Litigation), Will Dalsen (Litigation), Scott Faust (Labor & Employment), Maria Gaitan (Corporate), Michael Hackett (Litigation), Margaret Hickey (Corporate), Safraz Ishmael (Litigation), Daniel Jeng (Corporate), Maria Koury (Corporate), Szeman Lam (Corporate), Anne Marie Martin (Corporate), Robin Painter (Corporate), Gregory Penoyer (Litigation), Alexander Roan (Litigation), John Roberts (Litigation), Rebecca Sivitz (Labor & Employment), Matthew Smith (Corporate), Laura Stafford (Litigation), Helena Zheng (Litigation)
  • Chicago: Jacki Anderson (Litigation), Michael Derksen (Litigation), Monte Dube (Health Care), Bradley Lorden (Litigation), Elizabeth Mills (Health Care), Jeramy Webb (Corporate)
  • Hong Kong: Winnie Chan (Corporate), Vivian Ho (Corporate), Yuval Tal (Corporate)
  • London: Crispin Daly (Corporate), Kelly McMullon (Labor & Employment), Daniel Ornstein (Labor & Employment)
  • Los Angeles: Chris Ahn (Corporate), Courtney Bowman (Litigation), Hal Brody (Labor & Employment), Irina Constantin (Labor & Employment), Robert Escalante (Labor & Employment), Susan Goldfarb (Corporate), Colleen Hart (Tax), Bali Kumar (Labor & Employment), Jonathan Lee (Corporate), Casey McDonald (Corporate), Jeremy Mittman (Labor & Employment), Judith Oheb (Real Estate), Anthony Oncidi (Labor & Employment), Jennifer Roche (Litigation), Jessica Sabbah-Mani (Corporate), Lisa Schlesinger (Labor & Employment), Rochelle Schultz (Litigation), Monica Shilling (Corporate), Tracey Silver (Labor & Employment), David Stoops (Corporate), Mark Theodore (Labor & Employment), Eddie Thiele (Corporate), Ronald Valenzuela (Litigation), Chelsea Weatherby (Private Client Services), Steven Weise (Corporate), Van Whiting (Corporate)
  • New Orleans: Madeline Rea (Labor & Employment), Robert Sheppard (Labor & Employment)
  • New York: Martine Seiden Agatston (Tax), Gabriella Ahdoot (Tax), Stephen Ahron (Litigation), Michael Album (Labor & Employment), Jackie Alonzo (Litigation), Philip Arnold (Litigation), David Bayer (Labor & Employment), Brittany Benavidez (Litigation), Audrey Bender (Real Estate), Allan Bloom (Labor & Employment), Larissa Boz (Labor & Employment), Edward Canter (Litigation), Damian Caputo (Corporate), Michael Cardozo (Litigation), Kevin Chung (Litigation), Roger Cohen (Health Care), Erika Collins (Labor & Employment), Margaret Dale (Litigation), Mark Davidson (Litigation), Adam Deitch (Litigation), Daniel Desatnik (Corporate), Lily Desmond (Corporate), Kunal Dogra (Corporate), Charles Dropkin (Corporate), Danielle Dutervil Mubarak (Corporate), Stacey Eilbaum (Litigation), Steven Einhorn (Tax), Yasmin Emrani (Litigation), Erica Esposito (Corporate), Zachary Fasman (Labor & Employment), Robin Feiner (Corporate), Carl Forbes Jr. (Litigation), Ron Franklin (Corporate), Brian Friedman (Litigation), Michael Gallagher (Corporate), James Gerkis (Corporate), Pinny Goldberg (Labor & Employment), Laura Goldsmith (Corporate), Yonatan Grossman-Boder (Labor & Employment), Michelle Gyves (Labor & Employment), Kevin Hackett (Corporate), Chelsea Handler (Technology, Media & Telecommunications), Ryan Harris (Corporate), Daniel Hatten (Private Client Services), Jenna Hayes (Labor & Employment), David Heck (Litigation), Sean Heneghan (Real Estate), Russell Hirschhorn (Labor & Employment), Harris Hoffberg (Corporate), Steven Holinstat (Litigation), Brian Hooven (Litigation), Jeffrey Horwtiz (Corporate), David Jacobson (Litigation), Jinyoung Joo (Corporate), Nicholas Joseph (Labor & Employment), Mani Kakkar (Tax), Steven Kayman (Litigation), Brandon Kinnard (Corporate), Zachary Klinger (Litigation), Bowon Koh (Tax), Russell Kostelak (Litigation), Anna Kreimerzak (Corporate), Nayirie Kuyumjian (Labor & Employment), Francis Landrey (Litigation), Daryl Leon (Labor & Employment), Jason Madden (Health Care), Lukas Mansour (Corporate), Laura McAleer (Corporate), Erin Meyer (Pro Bono), Julia Michael (Health Care), David Miller (Tax), Latoya Moore (Labor & Employment), David Mordkoff (Litigation), Chad Morin (Corporate), Danielle Moss (Labor & Employment), Timothy Mungovan (Litigation), David Munkittrick (Litigation), Dan Nelson (Corporate), Brielynne Neumann (Corporate), Andrew Nightingale (Corporate), Amanda Nussbaum (Tax), Lindsey Olson (Litigation), Corinne Osborn (Labor & Employment), Jie Pan (Corporate), Evelyn Pang (Litigation), Ronald Papa (Corporate), Massiel Pedreira (Litigation), Charlotte Phelps (Corporate), Betsy Plevan (Labor & Employment), Lee Popkin (Litigation), Tiffany Quach (Corporate), Ebony Ray (Labor & Employment), Kramer Rice (Labor & Employment), Lauren Richburg (Corporate), Kathy Rocklen (Corporate), Alexander Rosen (Corporate), Stuart Rosow (Tax), Matthew Rotbart (Litigation), Stephen Rubin (Corporate), Brad Ruskin (Litigation), Christopher Ryder (Corporate), Paul Salvatore (Labor & Employment), Peter Samuels (Corporate), Andrew Santimays (Corporate), Seth Schafler (Litigation), Jonathan Siegelaub (Litigation), Bill Silverman (Pro Bono), David Simon (Corporate), Charles Sims (Intellectual Property), Andrew Smith (Labor & Employment), Elizabeth Spector-Louden (Labor & Employment), Daniel St. Onge (Corporate), Lisa Stern (Private Client Services), Sarah Sullivan (Litigation), Philip Susswein (Private Client Services), Fabio Tarud (Litigation), Chris Theodoridis (Corporate), James Unger (Litigation), Adam Waks (Corporate), Jeffrey Warshafsky (Litigation), Daniel Werb (Litigation), Krista Whitaker (Corporate), Mara Wilber (Health Care), Amy Williams (Real Estate), Tiffany Woo (Litigation), Mona Xia (Corporate), Elise Yablonski (Litigation), Jennifer Yang (Litigation), Jared Zajac (Corporate), Richard Zall (Health Care), Amy Zelcer (Tax), Maja Zerjal (Corporate)
  • Newark: Carolyn Dellatore (Labor & Employment), David Grunblatt (Labor & Employment), Hillary Odza (Labor & Employment), Esther Pak (Labor & Employment)
  • Paris: Stephanie Martinier (Corporate)
  • Washington, D.C.: Emilie Adams (Labor & Employment), Amy Blackwood (Labor & Employment), Adrian Fontecilla (Litigation), Paul Hamburger (Labor & Employment), Ryan Hutzler (Labor & Employment), Melissa Ihnat (Litigation) John Ingrassia (Corporate), Rina Kim (Litigation), Joshua Miller (Tax), Damian Myers (Labor & Employment), Rachel Wolkinson (Litigation)