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Upcoming Events

Date Event Event Type Details Attachment
August 5, 2015
Boston, MA
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: J. Charles Mokriski
Topic: Massachusetts RPC’s and legal ethics
September 11, 2015
Miami, FL
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Betsy Plevan
Topic: Global mobility
September 22, 2015
Hong Kong, China
Speaking Engagement
Moderator: Yong Ren
Topic: LP Allocations
September 28, 2015
Capital Creation 2015
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Nigel van Zyl
Topic: 360° REGULATORY PERSPECTIVE: How have recent regulations impacted the European Private Equity market and returns? Fact vs. opinion
September 28, 2015
Capital Creation 2015
Speaking Engagement
Moderator: Kate Simpson
Topic: ALL-STAR PANEL: How has the demand for secondaries evolved in tactical project management, leverage and alpha generation? (CHATHAM HOUSE RULES SESSION)
September 30, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Michael Suppappola
October 6, 2015
Speaker: Sean Hill
October 8, 2015
Vienna, Austria
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Mark J. Biros
Topic: Criminal/Regulatory Liability arising from mergers/acquisitions
October 23, 2015
New York, NY
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Allan Bloom
Topic: Wage and Hour Update
November 4, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Connie Bertram
Topic: Confidential and Electronic Documents
November 7, 2015
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Lloyd Chinn
Topic: Recent Developments in Whistleblower Protection Law
January 20, 2016
NYSSCPA Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions Conference
New York, NY
Speaking Engagement
Speaker: Amanda Nussbaum
Topic: Swaps and Section 871(m)