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Joanne Southern
Chief Marketing Officer
t: +1.212.969.5543
f: +1.212.969.2900

Jennifer Talbott
Media Relations Manager  
t: +1.212.969.5128
f: +1.212.969.2900


Lawyer Recruiting/Summer Program

Caroline Menes
Legal Recruiting Officer
t: +1.212.969.5072
f: +1.212.969.2900


Lawyer Recruiting/Laterals

Chris Angie
Director of Lateral Recruiting
t: +1.212.969.4214
f: +1.212.969.2900


Legal Assistant Recruiting

Claudia Alston
Director of Paralegal Recruiting
t: +1.212.969.4706
f: +1.212.969.2900


Staff Recruiting

Elisabeth Bernard 
Director of Human Resources
t: +1.212.969.5309
f: +1.212.969.2900



Amanda Wein
Alumni Relations
t: +1.212.969.5327
f: +1.212.969.2900



Eleven Times Square
New York, NY 10036
t: +1.212.969.3000
f: +1.212.969.2900


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