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Asian Lawyer Affinity Group

The Asian Lawyer Affinity Group serves as a resource at the firm that promotes the recruitment, retention and advancement of Asian Pacific American ("APA") lawyers and provides opportunities for visibility and leadership of its members in all aspects of the firm's practice and management and the APA legal community. Among the group's initiatives are:


  • participating in recruiting activities, including service on the Hiring Committee, outreach to APA law school students, and referrals of APA candidates for employment;

  • creating and fostering informal mentoring and coaching opportunities to support personal, professional, and career development for APA lawyers and summer associates;

  • promoting the firm's efforts in diversity and inclusion, including service on the Diversity Steering Committee and raising awareness within the firm of APA issues and concerns;

  • supporting members' professional development through discussions and panels on various topics, including business generation, client service, performance evaluations, and other related issues;

  • broadening internal and external networks to facilitate the sharing of information through firm events (such as the annual APA Heritage Month events) and participation in the activities of local and national APA bar associations;

  • forging new, and support existing, relationships with APA clients and in-house counsel;

  • providing opportunities for members to demonstrate leadership abilities and make meaningful contributions to the programs that lead to the growth of the firm; and

  • providing avenues for pro bono and community involvement, including serving as counsel to non-profit organizations that assist APA communities and advocating for the rights of APAs through the legal process.

Events and Sponsorships:

  • Asian American Bar Association of New York

  • Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

  •  Asian Community Development Corporation

  • Harvard Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

  • North American South Asian Bar Association

  • South Asian Bar Association of New York


    Kunal Dogra


    Jennifer Yang