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Affinity Groups

Our affinity groups bring together lawyers who have shared experiences or backgrounds, creating support networks that benefit members and help the firm create an environment of inclusion, education and advocacy. Serving as resources not only to their members, but to the firm itself, the groups are open to any lawyer who is interested in and supportive of the group's mission. All of the affinity groups help the firm in recruiting, retention and development efforts, including:


  • providing insight to the Hiring Committee, outreach to law school students, and referrals of candidates for employment;

  • creating and fostering informal mentoring relationships;

  • serving as an outreach to the legal industry, clients, and the community at large, including coordinating pro bono opportunities;

  • sponsoring discussions and panels on various topics, including business generation, client service, performance evaluations, and other related issues;

  • providing opportunities for members to demonstrate leadership abilities and make meaningful contributions to the programs that lead to the continued success of the firm and our people; and 

  • serving on firmwide Diversity Steering Committee and Associate Council


Our creation and continued support of the affinity groups demonstrates and ensures that we abide by our commitment to diversity every day.