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Summer Program

Our program is structured to combine work and training with an emphasis on timely feedback. Summer associate interns are assigned projects, receive guidance and are evaluated with a focus on skill enhancement and exposure to legal practice at its most sophisticated level. A summer associate will typically work with lawyers from different departments on a variety of substantive matters. A major element of the Summer Program involves a systematic procedure for reviewing, discussing, and providing feedback on all assignments worked on by summer associates throughout the program. This evaluation process involves in-depth discussions with each assigning lawyer, as well as the summer associate's Reviewing Attorney and Associate Advisor. The Reviewing Attorney is a senior lawyer responsible for reviewing and discussing all work and helping with any other matters of interest or concern that may arise during the summer. The Associate Advisor is an additional mentor to provide counsel throughout the program.

Summer associate interns can expect substantive assignments, as well as shadowing opportunities with senior lawyers, that are similar to those given to junior associates, including: assist in or attend a deposition, courtroom argument or administrative hearing; participate in or attend a labor arbitration or negotiation; attend a client conference; assist in the formation of corporate entities and draft transactional documents; attend a corporate or real estate closing; assist in the development and drafting of an estate plan or a tax strategy for a merger or acquisition transaction.

The Summer Program includes periodic seminars and other activities, such as participation in a cross-examination workshop, a corporate negotiation workshop, a legal ethics seminar, and a litigation workshop, all of which are designed to develop practice skills, provide insights into substantive legal issues and impart the basics of various practice areas.

The Program also offers an introduction to life at Proskauer through cultural, recreational and social events. These functions are designed to afford summer associates the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with one another and lawyers at the firm. In addition, many of these events, such as attending the Tony Awards, and the NBA Draft, highlight the firm's unique clients.

The Summer Program has been the primary means of entry for new lawyers at Proskauer for more than 30 years and, for many of our current partners, the first step in their careers at the firm. For that reason, we are committed to ensuring that both meaningful training and constructive evaluation continue to serve as key aspects of our Summer Program.