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Why Us?

Momentum. Movement. Forward motion.

That is what we do at Proskauer. It’s the foundation of any successful business. But our business is the business of our clients. Frankly, without their business we have none.

It’s not enough to do good legal work. There are many firms out there and to be fair, most are capable of closing a deal or winning a case. It's hardly surprising. We went to the same law schools, learned the same legal principles and passed the same exams.

So what do we bring to the table?

Our approach is not simply to “represent" our clients but to get into their heads; to understand their business and to know their industries as well as they do. We do this so we are not presenting legal advice in a vacuum but rather with the understanding of how it will affect their bottom line. When they grow, we grow. It’s called momentum.

Over the years we have steadily grown and built our practices and expanded to key markets. We have a compendium of knowledge and experience that cannot be gleaned from a textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of experience, by senior partners guiding new partners who in turn train associates. When a Proskauer lawyer is on the case, he or she is supported by decades of experience, knowledge and insight.

Case in point: We know labor. Our labor practice was born amid the turbulent labor strife of the 1930s. When we take on a matter, we walk in not only with a knowledge of the underlying issues but with a solid understanding of both sides’ wants, needs and desires. We understand management and we understand unions. We know what will kill a negotiation and what will advance it. We know when to yell and when to listen. We know when to dig in and we know when to bend. And that’s important because we don’t want to win the battle for you; we want to win the war - or even prevent one. You can’t learn that from a textbook. Our practice did not grow overnight. It has grown over decades. That's movement.

Or take private equity. It's a relatively new field, but even so, our experience goes back decades. It is also a practice that we have embraced and expanded in direct proportion to our clients' success and growth. Again, a deal is a deal and with so many firms out there capable of putting the deal together, why use Proskauer? The head of our private equity practice knows the industry -- lives and breathes it, actually. In fact, Chambers USA calls her a “star.” It is not unusual for her to pick up the phone on a Friday afternoon and call clients for one purpose - to talk about the industry, share information, discuss trends, hear concerns, and commiserate about proposed changes in the industry that keep her clients up at night. Because if they are up at night, so is she. The clients appreciate it, learn something and become more successful. Momentum, forward motion.

How about sports law? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It can be. And we should know; we practically invented the practice. But here’s a secret - there is no such thing as sports law. It’s really a compilation of litigation and labor and tax and media law and construction and licensing and financing and antitrust and intellectual property and ADA compliance and… So when we head off to represent a team or a league we make it our business to know the business -- everything from TV rights and licensing and stadium construction and player contracts and collective bargaining agreements down to the peanut sales at the concession stands and everything in between. The only thing we don’t do is suit up and play. (We know our limitations!)

This discussion started off with the premise that there is more to all of this than simply performing the legal work. It is how the work is performed, the relationship that develops and, let’s be frank, how it is paid for. When the economy started to unravel a year ago, the concept of flexible fee arrangements became a hot topic. For us it was something we'd already been doing with a number of our clients for years. We forged these arrangements through creative thinking and candid dialogue about fees and where they fit into our clients’ overall value equation. And these are not painful discussions. We are always happy to explore these and other creative approaches with our clients. Because our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, which is impossible without a fee arrangement that both of us find not merely acceptable, but exemplary. Because the real bottom line is -- your success is ours.

Momentum. Movement. Forward motion. It is what we have been doing since we started out more than a century ago, and it has grown over the years. Our clients’ momentum feeds ours and we sustain theirs.

It’s a partnership.

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