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Client Service

At Proskauer we take client service very seriously. Whether that means working on alternative billing structures or setting aside time “off the clock” to discuss industry changes with clients or practically stopping a plane on a runway to return a lost passport to a frantic client (yes, that really happened).

But don’t take our word for it. BTI Consulting, a leading provider of strategic research to law firms and general counsel, conducted a survey of Fortune 1000 clients that showed we perform three times better than the average law firm in building and maintaining client relationships -- ranking 7th of the 411 firms spontaneously mentioned by those clients. According to BTI, “in an economic climate where clients are unrelenting in their demands - Proskauer’s performance is especially impressive.”

One of the ways we’ve learned to build and maintain client relationships is very simply by keeping an ever-vigilant eye on the bottom line - theirs. And one of the ways we have been able to do this is by judiciously using technology to more efficiently serve our clients. Our litigation support team is adept at setting up e-rooms that are tailored to specific client’s needs, providing an efficient collaborative workspace that actually cuts down on billable hours and document production. And while many firms simply ship their e-discovery work to outside vendors, our internal team knows exactly what to send, how to prep and format it (and when not to send it out but handle it internally) so the costs are dramatically reduced. Going through litigation is traumatic enough; we do what we can to avoid adding to that trauma.